About Oilzum

Innovative products and solutions that have been satisfying auto enthusiasts in the USA since 1905.

The History Of Oilzum

F.W. White and H.P. Bagley established White & Bagley Company in 1888 located in Worcester Massachusetts. They wanted to develop a practical motor oil of uniform quality with a long service life and good protective properties. In 1905 they developed Oilzum, one of the first brand name Motor Oils! The product was carefully produced to a high standard of quality to meet the needs of early automobiles. The Motor Oil was used by professional drivers across the country winning several Indianapolis 500 races. It also was in vehicles that set early land speed records. Oilzum is still available today from Dennison Lubricants, Inc.

A brand with an outstanding history in New England, Oilzum products are high quality and deliver exceptional performance and value. Our product line includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Synthetic motor oils 
  • Syn-Blend (conventional) motor oils
  • Premium Diesel Engine Oil.
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Industrial Fluids/Lubricants
  • Other Custom Compound Blends

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